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Windward Software Retail POS Software - Solutions to help your Business Succeed & Grow in Today's Competitive Environment


Windward Software's retail pos software solution was established in 1984. We are a multinational company with over 4000 clients in 35 countries, all using Windward Software powered point of sale solutions.  Designed for the needs of independent retailers, Windward Software's point of sale solutions have been refined to be fast, easy to learn, with unique functionality in numerous industries. Windward Software offers a fully integrated one-stop retail software package to help your business start, grow and succeed!

We can solve your unique inventory control, point of sale, accounting and customer management needs with our advanced system solutions. Windward System Five is easy to install and easy to learn. To ensure that you and your staff 'hit the ground running', our knowledgeable trainers and technical support staff will help you to take full advantage of our system's many features. Windward System Five is a complete business management system that will help you gain control of your business from front counter sales, to the storeroom, to your back office accounting, and all the spaces in between.

Windward Software's core product, Windward System Five, is a retail system that offers features such as an integrated point of sale software, inventory control, customer relationship management and back end accounting. Get in touch with us today and start working smarter and more efficiently, because; Windward Software helps you run your business, instead of just reporting on it.


retail pos software

Windward System Five is A fully integrated business management solution.


Real time inventory tracking, even between stores.


Recommended by accountants - flexible and efficient.




Industry Specific POS Software

Whether you sell furniture or motorcycles, Windward System Five is the system for you. No two businesses are alike. Selling furniture and appliances is very different from selling and servicing motorcycles and lawnmowers. Windward systems are just as unique as your business type.


Integrated Ecommerce Solution

Windward Software's solution to your ecommerce needs, WeCommerce, can help your business succeed online! Windward's WeCommerce is a powerful software package that integrates your online and offline businesses, providing you with optimal control and flexibility.


Signature Capture Option

Does your retail or wholesale business have customers that purchase on account by signing an invoice? If so - you probably have extra paperwork to do as a result; making duplicate copies to keep on file for yourself, for the customer and to send to the customer at the end of the month. If there were an easier way, wouldn't you like to know about it?

Signature Capture is now an available option with Windward Software System Five!



POS Barcode Support

Windward System Five’s Point of Sale (POS) software will handle all your barcoding needs. It supports barcodes at point-of-sale, receiving and when doing stock counts using manufacturer’s supplied barcodes, or generate and print your own unique barcodes at the click of a button. Windward System Five interfaces with most of the popular barcode scanners, but we recommend the use of the Metrologic Barcode Scanners for their value and ease-of-use.


All in One POS and Management System

The competitive landscape for the independent business becomes more challenging every day. To compete in business, you must buy better, turn faster, market smarter and work more efficiently in your business. The key to survival in business is profits, and the key to profits is knowledge. Windward System Five can provide you with that knowledge and control.

In business since 1984

We are specialists in inventory control, point of sale, invoicing, and accounting systems for the retail and customer services industry. Using a series of soft switches, Windward Software adapts to the way you need to do business. Unlike many of our competitors we do not believe that a company should have to change its business practices to suit a software package. 




Client Testimonials

  •   In Canuck Camera Corp, we have been very impressed with your friendliness and responsiveness, we are glad to be involved with such a great company and product which has fulfilled Canuck Camera Corp administration needs and point of sale to the fullest and beyond. We highly recommend Windward Software program.  

    - Vahid Emadzadeh, Canuck Camera Corporation
  •   The business has grown so much that without Windward's software solution, we simply could not function effectively! The software has become our business management foundation.  

    - Robert Hibbert, GM. Westcoast Tools Sales & Service Ltd
  •   Windward Software's RentalPOS Edition has revolutionized the way we do business.  

    - Jim Pedulla, Altra Rental & Supply
  •   The solution is powerful and robust but not dangerously so.  

    - Wes Hardin, Riverview Marina
  •   What we found with Windward Software was a totally integrated solution. Our entire business is now managed from end-to-end using one comprehensive package.  

    - Robert Hibbert, GM. Westcoast Tools Sales & Service Ltd